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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gluten-free zone?

Are you a gluten-free zone? We have friends who are. Y has been diagnosed as coeliac for some time, and, as a not particularly keen cook, has been short of cooking ideas.

Her main problem was that the base of home-made pizza just didn't crisp up. Y, after sampling gluten-free pizza cooked on stoneware at a party at our home, has taken the leap into stoneware and bought the Small Bar Pan. This is an ideal size for a single person's pizza. Y has since enthused about how, for the first time ever, her home-made gluten-free pizza is crispy rather than soggy.

A result for the Pampered Chef's range of Stoneware.

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November Specials at Pampered Chef

Host a show in November and get free knives and possibly even the Ultimate Mandoline! (No, not the musical instrument...) Yes, sharp things from the "Cutting Edge" range with total value of over £110 can be yours for simply having a few friends round and getting them to spend some money on lovely Pampered Chef products.

The Host Gifts are:
As an extra bonus, if you get twelve guests to order, you will also receive the Cutting Board free as well! This comes with a rather handy non-slip mat, so the board won't slide around your work-surface, even if you've got stainless steel or marble.

The usual point system still applies, so you can earn more free items from the catalogue, based on the number of orders and size of orders at your show. You could come away with well over £100 of extra free items, as well as free choice of up to three half price items.

As usual, guests aren't left out either. In November, spend over £40 and receive a free Cranberry Bar Board (small chopping board), and matching Cranberry Quikut Paring Knife (which is very sharp).

from the day before), and came out beautifully cooked and not dry or rubbery.

Want to see stoneware in action in your home? Host a show, and I'll come and demonstrate it to you. Just post a comment or send an email.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

October Specials at Pampered Chef

Host a show and get free stoneware with the Cranberry glaze. October sees Pampered Chef giving away new items from their Stoneware range, worth over £100 (depending upon sales at your show). The items being given to hosts are:
This is in addition to the usual host benefits, which can include upto 30% discount on any items you (as host) purchase at your show, plus up to three half price items, plus free choice of items from the catalogue to swap for "host points" generated at your show. And if that wasn't enough, you, as a host, are also entitled to a 10% discount for twelve months following your show. Generous, or what?

Guests aren't left out either - in October, you have an assortment of freebies to choose from with each £40 you spend, each of which is worth up to £8.75.

So... do you fancy hosting a show? Leave a comment or send an email to the address on the sidebar.

from the day before), and came out beautifully cooked and not dry or rubbery.

Want to see stoneware in action in your home? Host a show, and I'll come and demonstrate it to you. Just post a comment or send an email.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Professional Stirfry Pan

Time to talk about the Professional range of Pots and Pans.

We have been on holiday (hence the slight hiatus, above). Some of you may find this slightly odd, but we took a small assortment of Pampered Chef equipment with us. Force of habit – whenever we go self-catering, we generally make sure we have a good knife with us, and this time we extended this to include the professional stirfry skillet. (We knew where we were going, and knew that there wasn't much in the way of decent cooking gear.)

This pan is extremely non-stick – the DuPont Autograph teflon bonded into the pan makes the slippiest pan I have ever cooked with. Even a cheese sauce, which normally makes most pans resemble a disaster area, poured straight out, and washing up takes about 15 seconds. Really. I timed it. We found ourselves using this pan for pretty much everything. Some of the things we cooked that week:
  • cheese sauce
  • runner beans (using it as a steamer)
  • curry
  • omelette
  • apple & blackberry pie-filling (not that we made a pie, but you know what I mean)
We are so impressed that we've just bought the four-piece pan set.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Spanish Omelette

Are you fed up spending 20 minutes cooking one side of a Spanish Omelette in your frying pan, and then having the hassle of turning it over or sticking it in the oven to finish off? Try doing it in Stoneware. This picture shows our Deep Dish Baker with the "Vanilla Glaze", loaded with onion, pepper, potato and plenty of eggs. This all went into the oven raw (except the potatoes, which were left over from the day before), and came out beautifully cooked and not dry or rubbery.

Want to see stoneware in action in your home? Host a show, and I'll come and demonstrate it to you. Just post a comment or send an email.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Children in the Kitchen

It's never too early to get kids started on cooking. Our 15 month old son was helping out the other day, using the mini tart shaper to pound out pastry cases in the deluxe mini muffin pan. These were then filled with a fruit, cheese and nut mix, glazed and baked to produce a delicious mouth-size (for adults!) snack ideal for buffet-type parties. These also went down very well with several toddlers and their mothers at a coffee morning.

He also really enjoyed watching the deluxe cheese grater in action... Personally, I like the fact that it goes in the dishwasher! I was glad that we were using one of the stainless steel mixing bowls with the non-slip base, particularly when the whole lot was suddenly dragged at speed towards the edge of the table.

Want to see this recipe in action, or a different one? Host a show, get free stuff, and learn the secrets. Just post a comment.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August specials at The Pampered Chef

This month is stoneware month. The guest gift, for those who spend more than £40 at a show in August, is a free small bar pan worth over £15.

The special gifts for those hosting a show in August depend upon sales, with the maximum being the medium bar pan, the square baker, and a 12 cup muffin pan, worth a total of £84. In addition, you also have the opportunity to earn double hospitality points in additional to the normal points which can be exchanged for anything in the catalogue, as well as the normal assortment of host discounts and benefits.

Want to find out more? Fancy hosting a show in August? Leave a comment.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This is the blog of a Pampered Chef consultant based in Leeds, UK.

Hopefully, there'll be lots of information about the product range, getting the best out of the equipment, my recipe ideas and maybe the odd photo!

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